Expect the Unexpected

We often have the power to prevent situations where we must defend ourselves. Take a few moments to think ahead, especially when you will be alone. Ed Parker said, “Common Sense, the use of sound and practical judgment.” If we begin to expect the unexpected, avoiding hazardous situations becomes common sense.


Refrain from using the phone when walking to the car.

Make every effort to park in a well-lit area or near an area of high-pedestrian traffic.

Ask someone to walk you to your car if possible. Walk with a friend and drive them to their vehicle.

Have your keys in hand when walking to your vehicle.

Back into parking spots to allow for a quick get-away.

Unlock only the driver side door when alone, and briefly look in the back seat before getting in. Immediately lock doors when safely inside.


When alone, remember "stranger danger" and carefully consider helping a total stranger. It's okay not to be polite and to keep going.

Walk with confidence, don’t LOOK like a victim.

Feel like you're being followed? Instead of hurrying along in a panic pause in a well-lit area and face the person who seems to be following you. Swallow your fear and ask, "Is there something I can help you with?" You may seem rude to the person you just confronted, but rude is better than assaulted.


Know your exits.

Walk with confidence, don’t    like a victim.

Use ATM machines in well populated areas, such as in a grocery store or a mall. Wait until you are in a safe area to count money if needed.

Slide your feet along the ground if forced to walk backward.

The Confrontation

Accept you now have a problem.  Look for that courage you have inside, embrace the adrenaline.

Yell “FIRE” to get the attention of others.

DO NOT GO ANYWHERE WILLINGLY.  Fight for your Safety.  If you’re stuck in a bad situation, don’t make it easy on your attacker.  They may give up if you’re too difficult to deal with.

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