Defense Scenarios

So as not to give the possible perpetrator any ideas, drills used to address threatening situations will only be described and presented in personal training sessions.  Keep in mind that a threat may come from any angle and while you are standing, on the ground, or pressed against objects.

It is important to accept that your safety and wellbeing comes before that of anyone who tries to hurt you.  You have the right to defend yourself and preserve your life and the life of those you protect.  The use of any combination of the basics described may be used.  One person’s order of defense may not be the same as the next.  The key is for you to put yourself in a position to escape.  KenpoXena is not intended to provide ways for destroying an attacker. 

Defensive techniques simulated during a KenpoXena seminar are not pretty, cool or flashy.  They may not create an immediate opportunity for escape ... you are fighting for your life. KenpoXena helps to provide techniques that are natural and things you would likely do if you had a chance to first think about what to do.  The purpose is to bring these things to your attention and give you an opportunity to practice.  Practice brings these things to the surface, replacing some of the thinking with reaction, even in difficult situations.  Also with practice, you experience having someone in your personal space.  Protect yourself fiercely.

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