Seminar Outline

Although each seminar is unique, following is a general outline of a seminar format. Seminars can be broken down into multiple parts or held entirely within a couple of hours. Seminar timing will differ depending on number of participants and location.


We often have the power to prevent situations where we must defend ourselves. Take a few moments to think ahead, especially when you will be alone. Our time will be spent on re-discovering natural instincts. Think about the worst case scenarios and expect the unexpected.

  • Parking
  • Strangers
  • Environment
  • The Confrontation
  • Share other things that work for you


Weapons of opportunity are explored during seminars.  This means we will identify objects in your environment that can be used in defending yourself.  These weapons of opportunity can then be incorporated into defense scenarios.

Defenses against weapons such as guns and knives take a lot of practice to master. Refined techniques are used to disarm someone with a gun or knife.   An attempt to describe defenses against these weapons is inappropriate. I urge you to seek out formal training before attempting to disarm an attacker holding a gun or knife.   Try to keep your distance until you know how to defend against guns and knives.

Basics (Defensive Tools)

Our time will be spent on re-discovering natural instincts. Names have been given to natural movement for training purposes. Ways of attacking the head & face, body, and legs are explored. We also discuss defensively recovering from the ground.

Defense Scenarios

Discussion of various positions and demonstration of defensive tools.  Feel free to ask what if.  By asking questions we can all discover possible options together.

Conclusive Discussion

Open discussion and Questions.

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