Mobile Self Defense Seminars

Self-defense where you need it ... work, school, home, and play.

  • Private - Learn and practice alone or in the company of family and friends.
  • Customized - Get what you need, how you need it, and at a difficulty level comfortable for you.
  • Coed- Girls only, boys only, or mix things up.

KenpoXena is a new approach to self-defense training by providing mobile seminars and ongoing education.  By being mobile, KenpoXena can tailor seminars to the audience and address questions and scenarios specific to the seminar location.  Seminars may be conducted in any location such as a home, office, gym, park, beach, etc.

What's missing from most self-defense seminars? ... practical application of basics addressing scenarios unique to your usual environment.

KenpoXena focuses on natural reactions and techniques.  I'll help you to tap into your natural resources and survival instinct, become more aware of scenarios that make us vulnerable, and use the environment to aid in your defense.

Combining ways to use natural reactions with basic concepts and refined movement, KenpoXena hopes to enlighten women and give them the confidence to protect themselves and possibly others.

Email to receive information and coordinate a KenpoXena seminar in San Diego and the surrounding area.


You are invited to review and use information available on this site and email for training opportunities.

By reviewing this information you take full responsibility for your actions, understanding the possibility of injury is a reality with any physical activity. You acknowledge there is risk and agree to indemnify KenpoXena, its founder and instructors for any injury that is the result of your practice with others using this material with or without proper instruction.  You understand that written descriptions cannot replace proper instruction.

If you are not a martial artist, I urge you to engage personal martial arts or self defense instruction should you wish to practice or employ any of the techniques, basics, or suggestions made within these pages.

Other than this caution and disclaimer, please enjoy.

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