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How much do classes cost?

  • Initial Session (1 hour session) - $60 Minimum
    • $20 Each Participant (first 3)
    • $15 Each Participant (after first 3)

Is there an age requirement?

KenpoXena seminars can be tailored to youngsters between the ages of 8 and 12. Such seminars should be conducted with only children within this age range.

More direct and raw seminars are intended for girls and women 13 years and older. Tact will be used when discussing sensitive situations while minors (those under 18) are present. Parents/guardians are required for any participant under the age of 18.

I've had previous self-defense training, is KenpoXena still helpful?

Yes!  Previous self-defense training is a great tool to have going into any KenpoXena seminar, but it isn't a required prerequisite.  I urge you to share the tools you learned so we can apply them during a seminar and explore efficient use in specific scenarios.

Is KenpoXena a specific style of self-defense?

KenpoXena’s founder has her base in American Kenpo Karate, a street-based self-defense system. Defenses against all ranges are taught throughout the system. Some Kenpo concepts and basis are utilized during instruction, however, seminars in whole are not based on formal martial arts training.

Who is KenpoXena designed for?

KenpoXena is designed for women seeking to explore personal self-defense options. It is ideal for women and children who are often alone at home, work or school. It is also ideal for those who walk, run, bike, etc. in remote areas. KenpoXena is designed to use your usual environment(s) as the classroom. Contact me to develop a seminar to address escape/defense scenarios unique to your desired location.

How complex will the training be?

KenpoXena strives to use natural movement and reaction to unlock your self-defense potential. Simplicity is most efficient when learning self-defense techniques outside of a formal martial arts setting. KenpoXena is something that every woman can do.

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