About the Founder

Daima (Dai) Phipps has always been a physically active individual and was involved in weight training when first introduced to karate.  Shortly after enrolling her son in classes at Poway Kenpo Karate she had a slip and fall accident and severely broke her left ankle.  Barry Barker (aka Mr. B) encouraged her to try karate when she was better.

Dai began her training in 1997.  Her hard work and determination helped her to earn her 1st Degree Black in just over 5 years.  Her hard work and dedication lead to induction into the Masters Hall of Fame (2006 Student of the Year) and the Academy of Masters (2007 Sparring Award).

She continues to embrace and enjoy Kenpo and other martial arts.  Ms. Phipps is a student of and instructor for Associate Master of the Arts Barry Barker, chief instructor and founder of Poway Martial Arts.

In addition, she has attended assorted seminars and classes presented by:

KenpoXena is a nick name Dai earned many years ago.  Now it is the name she has given this unique self-defense seminar format allowing for training outside of a traditional facility.  KenpoXena is an especially appropriate name for women's self defense given the meaning of it's parts.

Kenpo means Fist Law and is recognized as an innovative martial arts system.

Xena means a tough, physical, confident woman.  All women have the capacity to defend themselves, however, we need to tap into that inner strength in order to do so.

Tough ... Physical ... Confident

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